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Distance study - checklist for students

It’s one thing to design a course for distance teaching from scratch, and a completely different thing to rapidly switch from campus-based teaching to distance teaching. This checklist is based on the most important digital tools available at LiU,  where the selection has been made based on the fact that education is carried out remotely. We have also collected some general recommendations that can be useful when you are faced with changing your everyday life completely and must quickly adjust to spending most of your time at home.

General recommendations

  • Follow any updates from LiU on the webpage on the coronavirus.
  • Try to maintain your usual routines, and set a clear boundary between study and leisure.
  • Keep in contact with each other – use the IT-based tools at LiU to study together, collaborate, or have an online fika.
  • Consider your study situation: what opportunities do you have for distance study at home (hardware, WiFi).
  • It’s a good idea to use a headset for video calls, and a normal telephone headset is perfectly OK for this.
  • Remember to use your web camera for such activities as group work. It’s much easier to join in if you can see everyone in the group.
  • Remember to take breaks and exercise regularly! When working or studying at home, we tend to remain sitting still for longer periods, which can cause muscle stiffness. If possible, make sure that you get out for a walk or take an online exercise session every day.
  • If you feel anxious or stressed, or if you are wondering about how to manage your studies or your situation, you can contact Student Health or your study adviser for support. Both Student Health and the study advisers can be contacted by email and telephone. You can also book meetings using Zoom or Teams.

Studying online

If distance mode is activated, all teaching materials will be distributed using the IT tools of the LiU infrastructure. See links the right column. It is recommended that teaching personnel use:

It may be necessary for students to connect using remote login, and they should now investigate the programs that the university has access to. Some installation may be necessary on student computers.

Activity online should preferably take place asynchronously (independent of time and place).

Synchronous online activity (live) should be used as an alternative. The method chosen should be made clear by the teachers of your course.

Read and use the following guides to boost your digital expertise in preparation for distance mode

Microsoft Teams

Zoom for students

Remote login

LISAM (student handbooks)


IT service and support for students – all IT support in one place


Crisis support

Student Health Care


Study Guidance

General Study Guidance Service

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Last updated: 2020-04-23