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LiU's guidelines

Securing operations

  • (New 2020-03-17 11:30) LiU encourages all co-workers and students to work and study remotely.
  • With effect from 18 March, all exams will as far as possible take place as distance exams.
  • Co-workers who can work at home are to do so, after consultation with their immediate manager.
  • All courses planned for the 2020 spring term are to be converted to distance teaching as soon as possible.
  • Thesis defences, presentation of licentiate work, and other components related to research education are to be conducted as far as possible remotely.
  • The university premises will continue to be available, but only meetings that are necessary to maintain operations are to be carried out as physical meetings.
  • Other meetings, conferences, seminars, etc., are to be postponed or carried out remotely.
  • All service-related travel for LiU co-workers is cancelled until further notice.



  • (Updated 2020-03-17 kl 11:30) Service-related travel for co-workers are cancelled until further notice. 
  • With respect to private travel and holidays, we encourage all co-workers and students to consider carefully the journeys taken, both within Sweden and to other countries, against the background of the spread of infection.
  • Commuting to and from work or study is currently not affected by the guidelines listed above. However, both students and co-workers are to be physically present for work or study only when it is necessary.
  • More information om how travels and travelers are affected at LiU´s travel page.

Sickness/sickness notification

  • All students and co-workers are to remain home if they develop symptoms related to the respiratory tract (such as a common cold).
  • Students and co-workers who are sick are to file a sickness notification following the normal procedure.
  • If you develop respiratory tract symptoms, such as a cough, breathing difficulties or fever, and have been in close contact with a person who has been confirmed with the COVID-19 disease or who has been in a region in which coronavirus infection has been found, you must also contact the healthcare services by telephone 1177, for assessment.
  • For employees:
    • (Updated 2020-03-24) The government has removed the pay deduction, during the period 11 March to 31 May, which means that sickness benefit will be paid from the first day of a sickness period. You should report a sickness notification following the normal procedure and report in Primula when you are back from your leave. You apply for reimbursement retroactively directly to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. More information will come. 
    • (Updated 2020-04-01) The requirement to present a doctor’s certificate from day 8 has been temporarily removed in order to decrease the burden on the health and medical care system. A person who becomes sick can remain at home for up to 21 days without a doctor’s certificate and without losing the right to sick pay. This means that you should register your sick leave in Primula if you are back in work within the first 21 days. If you are sick longer than 21 days, you must present a doctor’s certificate according to the normal procedure, and make sure that it contains information about the first day of sickness of the period. The payroll unit then register the sickness notification in the system and notifies Försäkringskassan/the Swedish Social Insurance Agency about sick day 22.
  •  Testing, and students as possible infection carriers: students who have been tested for coronavirus/COVID-19 are to remain at home until the result of the test is known.
  • Testing, and employees as possible infection carriers: employees who have been tested for coronavirus/COVID-19 are to remain at home until the result of the test is known. If you can work at home, it is permitted to do so. Consult your immediate manager. The collective agreement for government employees (Villkorsavtalet) states that an infection carrier can receive salary if a doctor has decided that the employee must remain away from work or undergo examination by a doctor. A certificate is required from a doctor stating that you are believed to carry an infection or to have been infected by a disease that threatens public health without having lost your ability to work. You may also be entitled to reimbursement of travel costs from Försäkringskassan. This may be the case, for example, if you need to travel to and from a caregiver.

Arrangements and gatherings

  • LiU will cancel all arrangements with over 500 participants. We will also cancel open arrangements for which the number of participants is not known, to be on the safe side. One consequence of this is that the Open Day scheduled for 19 March in Norrköping has been cancelled.
  • We will also reassess several other activities, both those to which we invite large numbers of people, and those in which our students or co-workers visit other locations.


These guidelines are valid until further notice. New guidelines may be issued in the near future.

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Last updated: 2020-04-01