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LiU guidelines

(2020-06-26) The information on this page is based on the official decision 2020-06-04 about how operations at LiU will be conducted during the period from start of the autumn term until 31 October. This period will see a gradual transition from distance mode to on-campus operations.
More information about the decision is available in a news article.


(Updated 24 April 2020 15:00)

Planning framework for the coming operational period

  • The distance mode currently in force will remain in place until the autumn term 2020. All courses and all examinations will be carried out remotely.
  • Operational units are to plan for a transition to normal campus mode from the start of the autumn term, but must retain a preparedness to remain in distance mode or return to it if necessary.
  • A decision to remain in distance mode, if taken, will be published at the start of the autumn term 2020.
  • Planning for holidays is to be carried in a way that takes into consideration the possibility that more co-workers than normal will be required in service at the start of the autumn term.

Arrangements and gatherings

  • Meetings that require a considerable period of advance planning (such as ceremonies, trade fairs, events, etc.) are to be carried out remotely, postponed, or cancelled.
  • Planning for activities directly connected to the start of the autumn term 2020 (such as reception activities, mentorships, the Kalas event, etc.) is to take place under special conditions.

Consequences of distance mode during spring term 2020

  • The university premises are available to students during office hours (7.45 am-5.00 pm weekdays), but a LiU Card is necessary to gain access. NB! Only co-workers and students who absolutely must be on campus are to be present in the premises. They must follow the recommendations for social distancing and other measures introduced to reduce the risk of spread of infection.
  • The accessibility of LiU’s premises is limited during distance mode. This means, for example, that certain areas, toilets and kitchens are fully or partially closed.
  • The library has limited opening hours. Library resources can, however, be accessed remotely.
  • The reception desks at the Info Centre are open as specified on the LiU website. They can also be accessed remotely during the day.Exams are carried out as distance exams. More information is available on the webpage about exams.
  • All courses during the spring term of 2020 have been reconfigured to distance teaching.
  • All service-related travel has been cancelled until further notice. Journeys must be postponed, or it may be possible to use alternative forms of meeting.
  • The campus buses are operating, but the first journey of the day has been cancelled. In addition, double departures are run as singles.
  • Most restaurants on the campuses are closed.
  • The central registrar’s office has personnel in attendance weekdays and is open to the general public as specified on the LiU website.

Useful links for distance teaching and digital meetings are available in the left column.


These guidelines are valid until further notice. New guidelines may be issued.

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Last updated: 2020-06-26