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Coronavirus – frequently asked questions for students

(Updated 10 September 2021)

Students can expect a gradual return to campus-based teaching this autumn. Many students and co-workers have questions relating to the coronavirus. We present here answers to the most frequently asked questions related to LiU. The page will be updated with further questions as they arise. Keep up-to-date, follow the news reports, and make it a habit to check back here regularly.

In September students can be vaccinated at Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping, se more information below.


Q: Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sweden?

A: Everyone with the right to reside in Sweden will be allowed to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, it is recommended you have enough time to get both vaccination doses in Sweden. If not, it is better to wait and get vaccinated in your home country. This is because the vaccinations may differ from countries to countries.  To get more information about COVID-19 vaccinations, contact Region Östergötland, who has a call centre with English speaking staff.

Q: Can I get vaccinated on campus?

A: Yes. It is now possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on campus. Temporary vaccination centres will be set up on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping on two Tuesdays in September, 14 and 21, between 3.00-6.00 pm. Personnel from Region Östergötland will be available to vaccinate anyone who drops in.

Forms of examination

Q: What about the exams in the autumn – will they be held in an exam hall or remotely?

A: The recommendation is that exams should continue to be held using remote methods. Some exemptions from this recommendation are possible, since the relevant examiner will determine whether it is most suitable to hold the exam as a distance exam or as an exam in an exam hall.

Q: If the ordinary exam was held as a distance exam, will the resit also be held in this way?

A: It is the responsibility of the examiner to assess this, based on the situation.

Q: How will LiU ensure that exams in an exam hall will not spread infection?

A: LiU will use clearly defined guidelines to ensure that exams in an exam hall are held in a safe manner. It is important that students do not gather in groups before or after the exam.

All information about exams is available on the page devoted to this.

The study environment

Q: How will physical presence on the LiU campuses be arranged for the autumn term?

A: LiU plans to ease the restrictions in stages. On 1 August, LiU will activate what is known as “pandemic level 2”, which involves a situation similar to that of the autumn term of 2020. It will give greater opportunities to carry out teaching and hold exams with students physically present. Pandemic 2 allows groups of up to 75% of normal size to be alternately present, but it is ultimately the course management that decides how teaching and exams are to be carried out. It is possible for a course to be held at a higher pandemic level, i.e. with more stringent restrictions, given that it will take time to reconfigure teaching to new circumstances. 

Q: What about the distribution between digital lectures and physical lectures during the autumn?

A: Teaching during the autumn will continue to use remote methods, to a certain extent. Some teaching will take place in group rooms and teaching rooms, but teaching in large groups will take place digitally, as will large lectures. There are two reasons for this: LiU must follow the guidelines about such matters as physical distancing, and (more importantly) it takes time to reconfigure and plan for physical teaching. It is the responsibility of each course management to find the correct forms for this as we return in stages to campus-based activity. 

Q: Will certain groups be given priority when deciding which lectures are to be held on campus? New students were given priority last year. 

A: The basic idea is not to designate and groups for higher priority, which differs from last autumn when the newly admitted students were given priority for physical presence on campus. This year, it will be assigned in a more equitable manner.

Q: Will LiU continue to ease restrictions as the autumn progresses?

A: LiU follows recommendations given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the government, and the infectious diseases unit at Region Östergötland. LiU will be able to ease restrictions further during the autumn, as national and regional recommendations are changed. It is worth remembering that some time is necessary to reconfigure teaching and exams.

Q: Can I be on campus even if I don’t have a timetabled teaching session?

A: Students are encouraged to limit their presence on campus for independent study on LiU premises. If you must, even so, be here, you must keep your distance from others, particularly during the early part of the term. If you have any symptoms such as a sore throat, cold, fever or cough, you must stay at home.

Q: When will my timetable for the autumn be available?

A: Here you find the timetable for autumn 2021

Q: Can I refrain from coming to campus, if I feel that it is not possible to maintain safe physical distancing?

A: The course management has the principal responsibility for deciding whether teaching takes place on-site or using remote methods. Contact your teacher to find out more about how they plan to conduct teaching.

Q: How do I carry out lab sessions in distance mode?

A: Lab sessions in LiU’s computer rooms can now be carried out using remote connection to the computers in these rooms.

Q: As to my my education in the workplace ("VFU") or placement, what guidelines are there?

A: Students who are currently taking external education or examination in the workplace, such as degree projects, placements, clinical placements, etc., and students who are scheduled to participate in such components in the near future, are to follow guidelines and recommendations set out by the host organisation. This means that it should normally be possible to carry out such activities as planned.

Q: Will it be possible to arrange labour market fairs during the autumn?

A: Labour market days and fairs planned for the first period of the autumn term (23 Aug-5 Nov) must be postponed or carried out using remote methods. 
Only when it has become clear how extensive the spread of infection is at the start of the term can we give information about fairs planned for the second period (8 Nov-21 Jan). 
It will only be possible to book open spaces at LiU when the university has returned to normal operation.

Q: When will it be possible for students and student societies to book rooms?

A: Self-service booking of rooms for students and student societies opened on 6 Sep. It will only be possible to book open spaces at LiU when the university has returned to normal operation. 

Q: Is it possible to obtain extra support in the form of lectures and contact with teachers to compensate for having missed components during the pandemic and thus being unable to register for some exams?

A: You should initially contact your teacher to find out whether extra support is available.

Q: I am worried and anxious, is there someone I can talk to on campus?

A: You can make an appointment with the Student Health Care, or get a brief telephone support.

Q: My test results show that I have Covid-19. Who should I contact at LiU?

A: If your test result shows that you have Covid-19, you should contact your study adviser.

Student finance

Q: What happens about my student grant and student loan from CSN if my studies are affected by the coronavirus?

A: On the next occasion when you apply for student financing, CSN will check how many credits you have been awarded. If the number is insufficient as a consequence of LiU not being able to carry out teaching due to the spread of infection of the coronavirus, CSN will take this into consideration. You must be able to confirm that this is the case with some form of documentation. 

LiU only issues certificates if a course has been cancelled due to Covid-19. In other situations, you can attach the normal registration and result certificates from Ladok as documentation.


Q: What are the opening hours to LiU premises?

A: Here you find the current opening hours (see heading Access and opening hours to University premises):

Q: Are the libraries on campus open?

A: Information about library opening hours and the borrowing periods is available at the link below.


Students are referred to Info Centre

Employees are referred to their immediate manager

You are also welcome to ask questions by sending an email to corona@liu.se

Managers are referred to Joakim Nejdeby, who leads LiU's central crisis management organisation, joakim.nejdeby@liu.se

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Region Östergötland (the authority responsible for health services)

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