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Coronavirus – frequently asked questions for students

(1 June 2021) Linköping University has decided that activity can gradually return to campus, starting on 1 August. Until then, the information below applies.


(Updated 23 February 2021)

Many students and co-workers have questions relating to the coronavirus. We present here answers to the most frequently asked questions related to LiU. The page will be updated with further questions as they arise. Keep up-to-date, follow the news reports, and make it a habit to check back here regularly.

Forms of examination

All information about exams is available on the page devoted to this.

Student finance

Q: What happens about my student grant and student loan from CSN if my studies are affected by the coronavirus?

A: On the next occasion when you apply for student financing, CSN will check how many credits you have been awarded. If the number is insufficient as a consequence of LiU not being able to carry out teaching due to the spread of infection of the coronavirus, CSN will take this into consideration. You must be able to confirm that this is the case with some form of documentation. 

LiU only issues certificates if a course has been cancelled due to Covid-19. In other situations, you can attach the normal registration and result certificates from Ladok as documentation.

The study environment

Q: The Swedish Government and LiU continue the strict restrictions, how does this affect me as a student?

A: As a consequence of the national and local restrictions that are in force to prevent the spread of infection, the central crisis management group at Linköping University has decided to introduce several measures. The measures adopted by LiU will be in force until 30 June 2021LiU continues to encourage its students and to study work from home. 

Q: What will be the arrangements for classroom-based teaching?

A: Teaching methods are digital. Students who are to be given priority for on-campus teaching when premises are insufficient are:

  1. Those who are taking a concluding component of their studies
  2. Those for whom on-campus teaching is important for their continued studies
  3. Those for whom it is impossible or inappropriate to conduct a teaching component using remote methods.

When it is necessary to be present on university premises, physical distancing must be observed. In such cases, no more than half of the capacity of the premises may be used. When sitting, a separation of an arm’s length must be kept. Otherwise, the minimum separation is two meters. Following consultation with the infectious diseases unit at Region Östergötland, the following group sizes apply to necessary physical presence on LiU premises.

  • 50 students when exams are carried out in an exam hall
  • 8-50 students for other exams and teaching
  • 8 individuals for all other operations

Q: I am a member of a risk group or a member of my household is a member of a risk group, which means that I cannot participate in teaching that requires physical attendance. What happens in my case?

A: Contact your study adviser. We endeavour to find a solution to every situation.

Q: How do I carry out lab sessions in distance mode?

A: Lab sessions in LiU’s computer rooms can now be carried out using remote connection to the computers in these rooms.

Q: What happens about my education in the workplace ("VFU") or placement?

A: Students who are currently taking external education or examination in the workplace, such as degree projects, placements, clinical placements, etc., and students who are scheduled to participate in such components in the near future, are to follow guidelines and recommendations set out by the host organisation. This means that it should normally be possible to carry out such activities as planned.

Q: I am anxious about becoming infected during my clinical training, which takes place in the hospital. How is LiU ensuring that I will not be exposed to infection?

A: Our work is based on us having confidence in the various government agencies and organisations, and on the students at LiU acting responsibly. Examples of acting responsibly are to stay at home when sick, and to follow the advice relating to good hand hygiene.

LiU is paying particular attention to the question of students who are present at, for example, the hospital. So far, no other assessment has been made other than that it is possible to be present in the various places for giving care in the same way as previously.

Q: I am worried and anxious, is there someone I can talk to on campus?

A: You can make an appointment with the Student Health Care, or get a brief telephone support.

Q: My test results show that I have Covid-19. Who should I contact at LiU?

A: If your test result shows that you have Covid-19, you should contact your study adviser.


Q: Am I allowed to be on campus?

A: All physical presence on university premises that is not necessary for university operations is to be avoided.

All students are to study from home, with the exception of timetabled teaching that has been arranged on campus.

All co-workers are to work from home to the extent that this is possible, after consultation with their immediate manager. An agreement may also be reached between manager and co-worker to alternate between distance work and work in the workplace.

Q: What are the opening hours to LiU premises?

A: Here you find the current opening hours (see heading Access and opening hours to University premises):

Q: Are the libraries on campus open?

A: Information about library opening hours and the borrowing periods is available at the link below.

Q: Will the campus buses continue to run, even though students and co-workers are encouraged to work from home?

A: The campus buses are operating normally with the exception that the first departure of the day is cancelled. In addition, double departures are run as singles. The timetable is valid from January 4.


Students are referred to Info Centre

Employees are referred to their immediate manager

You are also welcome to ask questions by sending an email to corona@liu.se

Managers are referred to Joakim Nejdeby, who leads LiU's central crisis management organisation, joakim.nejdeby@liu.se

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FAQ co-workers.




Region Östergötland (the authority responsible for health services)

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Emergency information from Swedish authorities

Ministry for Foreign Affairs



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