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Coronavirus – frequently asked questions for students

(Updated 2020-04-02 16:20)

Many students and co-workers have questions relating to the coronavirus. We present here answers to the most frequently asked questions related to LiU. The page will be updated with further questions as they arise. Keep up-to-date, follow the news reports, and make it a habit to check back here regularly.

Distance exams

Q: How do I register for a distance exam?
A: Register as usual at the student portal or in the LiU app. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: Can I take an exam even if I have not registered?
A: In this case, your must contact the examiner at least two working days before the exam. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: I’ve forgotten to register for a digital exam in WISEflow. Can I register after the deadline?
A: In order to take a digital exam in WISEflow, you must register before the deadline. This is because it takes time to prepare the WISEflow system. It is therefore not possible to register for a digital exam in WISEflow after the deadline. (2020-03-24 11:05)

Q: How and when can I access the exam when it is a distance exam?
A: Unless otherwise specified by your examiner, the exam will be made available in the digital course room in Lisam at the start of the ordinary examination time. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: Can I do the exam together with a fellow student?
A: No, the exam must be carried out individually, and collaboration is not permitted. A check for plagiarism will be carried out. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: What technical aids can I use during the exam?
A: As a consequence of the changed circumstances, all technical aids are permitted, with the exception of working together with any other person and comparing results with any other person. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: What should I do with answers such as formulae or drawings that I cannot enter in Lisam?
A: If you need to answer in the form of mathematical or chemical formulae, drawings or other non-text material, you can photograph or scan the answers and submit them in Lisam. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: Can I contact a teacher if I have questions during the exam?
A: Yes, the examiner or an on-call teacher will be available by telephone, email or a chat function during the complete examination period. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: Where and how do I submit my answers?
A: The answers are to be submitted in Lisam. If unforeseen events prevent the answers being submitted in Lisam they must immediately be sent to the examiner by email. (2020-03-20 14:27) 

Q: Will it be possible to submit my exam and have it graded anonymously?
A: It is not possible to guarantee that exams will be carried out anonymously. (2020-03-23 9:15)

Q: I have the right to extended time for written exams. How does this work for distance exams?
A: If you have extended time for written exams, you must contact the examiner in advance. (2020-03-20 14:27)

Q: How long will distance mode be in force for exams?
A: Exams will be carried out as distance exams, for example as written exercises to be completed at home. This applies the spring term, with a maximum final date of 31 August.

If you have questions about a specific exam, contact the examiner. (2020-03-27 14:40)

Student allowance

Q: How will my grant and loan from CSN be if the studies are affected by the corona virus?

A: You will be able to maintain your student support this term even if your studies would be affected by the corona virus. (Source: Press Conference 20-03-17) (2020-03-17 12:13)

The study environment

Q: My student society is required to hold its AGM, but the booking we made has been cancelled. What should we do?

A: To reduce the number of physical meetings, all bookings for student societies have been cancelled. However, LiU wants to make it easier for student societies to hold their AGMs, and is therefore offering a solution that uses “partially remote meetings”. (2020-04-02 16:20)

Q: Am I insured during distance education?

1. Fee-paying students with FAS+

You can find updated information about coverage by the FAS+ insurance during distance education, including a refund claim form on the Kammarkollegiet website:

If you need to use the refund claim, you can print it yourself, fill it in and sign it and return it to the Infocenter. 

If you need help in filling in the refund claim form, you can visit the Infocenter in Studenthuset, as they have been given instructions on how to fill it in. Their opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.30-16.30.

2. All other students

You can find updated information (in Swedish) about insurance coverage during distance education for all other students on the Kammarkollegiet website:

If you have any questions linked to your health insurance or on how to fill in the refund claim form you can email: admitted@liu.se

Q: How long will distance mode be in force for teaching and exams?

A: All teaching on all courses during the spring term of 2020 has been reconfigured to distance teaching.

Exams will be carried out as distance exams, for example as written exercises to be completed at home. This applies the spring term, with a maximum final date of 31 August.

If you have questions about a specific course, contact the course coordinator.

If you have questions about a specific exam, contact the examiner. (2020-03-27 14:40)

Q: How do I carry out lab sessions in distance mode?

A: Lab sessions in LiU’s computer rooms can now be carried out using remote connection to the computers in these rooms.

Q: What happens about my education in the workplace ("VFU") or placement?

A: Students who are currently taking external education or examination in the workplace, such as degree projects, placements, clinical placements, etc., and students who are scheduled to participate in such components in the near future, are to follow guidelines and recommendations set out by the host organisation. This means that it should normally be possible to carry out such activities as planned. (2020-03-17 13:56)

Q: I am thinking about traveling back to my home country. What happens with my on-going studies if I decide to go home? 

A: We fully understand your concern in this situation, and you are, of course, always free to decide to return to your home at any time. It’s worth pointing out that LiU has decided to activate distance mode. As part of this, all courses planned for the spring term are converted to distance teaching. This means that you can continue your on-going course(s) at a distance. (2020-03-27 14:40)

Q: My home university recommends me to return home. What should I do?

A: If your home university has recommended that you return home, we strongly advise that you follow this recommendation. Your home university has overall responsibility for your studies. Arrangements are being made that may allow you to complete your studies here at LiU from a distance. LiU has decided to activate distance mode and all courses planned for the spring term are converted to distance teaching. This means that you can continue your on-going course(s) at a distance. (2020-03-27 14:40)

Q: I am a student. How should I act when a fellow student returns from an exchange visit to an infected region?

A: LiU follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. This means that if the fellow student is healthy, he or she can study as usual. We expect, however, that this student is conscious of their state of health, and if respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, breathing difficulties or fever, develop, they contact the healthcare system.

A general preventive measure against respiratory tract infections is to avoid touching your face and eyes, and to avoid close contact with sick people. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, before meals, when handling food and after visiting the toilet. An alcohol-based hand disinfectant is an alternate when you cannot wash your hands.

Q: I am anxious about becoming infected during my clinical training, which takes place in the hospital. How is LiU ensuring that I will not be exposed to infection?

A: Our work is based on us having confidence in the various government agencies and organisations, and on the students at LiU acting responsibly. Examples of acting responsibly are to stay at home when sick, and to follow the advice relating to good hand hygiene.

LiU is paying particular attention to the question of students who are present at, for example, the hospital. So far, no other assessment has been made other than that it is possible to be present in the various places for giving care in the same way as previously.

Q: I am worried and anxious, is there someone I can talk to on campus?

A: You can make an appointment with the Student Health Care, or get a brief telephone support. You can also sign up for a digital seminar on how to cope with stress and anxiety, that the Student Health Care is arranging. (2020-04-01 16:20)

Travel and visitors

Q: I have just come home from a region with an ongoing infection of coronavirus. What should I do?

A: LiU follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. If you are not showing any symptoms, you can study as usual. If you notice any symptoms, you should stay at home. If you develop any respiratory tract symptoms such as coughing, breathing difficulties or fever, you should telephone the medical information service on 1177 for assessment and, where relevant, to arrange taking samples.


Q: Are the restaurants on campus open? Is it possible to buy food and snacks?

A: The situation might change, but right now the following places are open (2020-03-24 11:25):

Campus Valla: Pressbyrån and Falafelhuset

Campus US: Linds konditori, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven

Campus Norrköping: The restaurant at Visualiseringscenter C

Q: Am I allowed to be on campus, even though students and co-workers are encouraged to study and work remotely?

A: The campuses will continue to be available, but from 18 March you will have to bring your LiU ID to enter the university premises. LiU:s libraries will be open to the public. (2020-03-17 17:53)

Q: Will the campus library be open?

A: The library opening hours will be reduced with effect from Saturday 28 March and until further notice, due to the risk of the spread of infection of the coronavirus.

  • The libraries at Campus Norrköping and Campus US will be open weekdays 12-15. Closed at weekends.
  • In the Valla library in Studenthuset the circulation desk will be staffed weekdays 12-15“Bokmagasinet” (floor one) is closed to visitors. Books are reserved as usual and will be availible for pick up at floor three.
  • The loan period for reference course literature will be increased from one day to three days. Books borrowed on Fridays must be returned on the following Monday.
  • "Ask us”, the on-line chat function provided by the library, will be open as usual, 10.00 am-4.00 pm.
  • Email support to users, biblioteket@liu.se, will be available weekdays 8.00 am-5.00 pm. 

More information is available at: https://liu.se/en/library (2020-03-26 16:30)

Q: I have borrowed books from the library. What should I do about returning these?

A: With effect from Tuesday 17 March, the library will not charge fines for books that have not been returned, nor will it send out new invoices. This means that anyone who is sick, or is afraid of becoming sick, does not need to come to the library simply to return a book. Existing fines will remain valid, but no new fines will be added. Special rules apply to interlibrary loans. And you may, of course, return books that you have borrowed.  (2020-03-17 15:48)

More information is available at: https://liu.se/en/library

Q: Will the campus buses continue to run, even though students and co-workers are encouraged to work from home?

A: The campus buses run as usual except for the first departure of the day, in each direction, that has been canceled. Double departures has also been changed to single departures.
(2020-03-18 11:12)

Spread of infection

Q: I have heard that someone at LiU has tested positive for covid-19. Is it true?

A: Every student/co-worker can rest assured that the university will never disclose sensitive personal data. This is the case also now: if we gain information that an individual is infected with the coronavirus, we will not publish such information. People who are sick will be cared for by the medical care system. We all have a responsibility to reduce the risk of spread of infection. Anyone who has symptoms such as suffering from a cold, cough, fever, or other respiratory tract symptom, must remain at home. Consider also which social gatherings you participate in – the Public Health Agency of Sweden has encouraged people to be careful, not least in their contacts with older people.

Q: I have been tested for COVID-19. Will I receive salary during the period while I am waiting for the result of the test?

A: Employees who have been tested for coronavirus/COVID-19 are to remain at home until the result of the test is known. If you can work at home, it is permitted to do so. Consult your immediate manager. The collective agreement for government employees (Villkorsavtalet) states that an infection carrier can receive salary if a doctor has decided that the employee must remain away from work or undergo examination by a doctor. A certificate is required from a doctor stating that you are believed to carry an infection or to have been infected by a disease that threatens public health without having lost your ability to work. You may also be entitled to reimbursement of travel costs from Försäkringskassan. This may be the case, for example, if you need to travel to and from a caregiver.

Q: What happens if the preschool or school is closed, and I have to stay at home?

A: If you are unable to work because the preschool or school is closed, you must apply for parental leave, holiday, or leave of absence, following the normal procedures. Consult your immediate manager.

Q: I am very anxious about becoming infected. How is LiU working with the anxiety experienced by co-workers and students?

A: LiU, as employer and institution of higher education, is taking this anxiety seriously. Co-workers should consult their immediate manager, and students should contact the Info Centre. Information and knowledge are important in managing a situation such as the present one with coronavirus. Make sure that you read the information published by, for example, the Public Health Agency of Sweden. A link is given in the right menu.

Q: I have read that soap and hand disinfectant are the best way to combat the coronavirus. Why hasn’t LiU purchased hand disinfectant and placed it in all toilets?

A: LiU has previously decided not to purchase hand disinfectant in the event of an epidemic or pandemic, since this is unnecessary when soap and water are readily available. The latter give effective protection against dirt and dampen the spread of infection. Hand disinfectant can lead to other complications when used too liberally. Furthermore, we must protect ourselves from the risk that hand disinfectant is used for other purposes than the intended.

Q: What is LiU doing about co-workers and students who are considered to be members of risk groups?

A: LiU follows the guidelines and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and has for this reason currently decided not to take any special measures for people that are members of risk groups. Remember to wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand disinfectant. Avoid touching your face and eyes. Contact the medical care system on telephone 1177 for advice if you feel anxious.

Q: Why are people not being placed in quarantine in Sweden?

A: Placing a person in quarantine is a radical measure that is very precisely regulated by the Communicable Diseases Act. Since the new coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease is now classified as a danger to society, the medical officer in each healthcare region can decide that healthy people may be set into quarantine. It may be a case of placing into quarantine people in a certain building, which can be a residence, a limited part of a building, or a larger area. If a less radical measure can achieve the same result, this must be chosen instead. Such a measure may be, for example, a decision relating to rules of procedure as specified by the Communicable Diseases Act. Source: Public Health Agency of Sweden.


Students are referred to the Info Center

Employees are referred to their immediate manager

You are also welcome to ask questions by sending an email to corona@liu.se

Managers are referred to Joakim Nejdeby, who leads LiU's working group, joakim.nejdeby@liu.se

Frequent asked questions about the coronavirus.


Region Östergötland (the authority responsible for health services)

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Emergency information from Swedish authorities

Ministry for Foreign Affairs



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