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FAQ for incoming students

(Updated 2021-09-13 10:27) 

Our newly admitted international students have many questions relating to the coronavirus and the impact it may have on their studies at Linköping University. Bookmark this web page and check back regularly. 

Students can expect a gradual return to campus-based teaching this autumn. Many students and co-workers have questions relating to the coronavirus. We present here answers to the most frequently asked questions related to LiU. The page will be updated with further questions as they arise. Keep up-to-date, follow the news reports, and make it a habit to check back here regularly.

In September students can be vaccinated at Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping, se more information below.

Linköping University operations and teaching mode  

Q: Will my programme start as planned and will studies be classroom-based or distance learning at the start of the autumn semester? 

A: Yes, the programme will start as planned and will be classroom-based with some elements held digitally. If this changes, you will be informed by email.

Q: I don’t feel that it’s safe to travel to Sweden and LiU yet. Can I start my studies online? 

A: No arrangements have been made for distance education at the current time. However, this decision can be altered quickly if deemed necessary. 

Q: When should I arrive at Linköping?  

A: LiU will arrange several Arrival Days in August 2021 in Studenthuset, Campus Valla. Degree students must attend the mandatory roll call. 


Q: What precautions has the university taken to keep co-workers and students safe?   

A: The university’s co-workers and students are studying/working remotely. Some facilities are still open, but with very limited opening hours, and precautions to encourage social distancing have been put in place. Access to the LiU premises has been restricted, which applies also to libraries, Info Centres and the registrar’s office.  

When it is necessary to be present on university premises, physical distancing must be observed. In such cases, no more than half of the capacity of the premises may be used. When sitting, separation of an arm’s length must be kept. Otherwise, the minimum separation is two meters. Following consultation with the infectious diseases unit at Region Östergötland, the following group sizes apply to necessary physical presence on LiU premises. 50 students when exams are carried out in an exam hall8-50 students for other exams and teaching; 8 individuals for all other operations. 

Entering Sweden

Q: Are there any travel or entry restrictions to Sweden?

AYes, there is a temporary entry ban on non-essential travel to Sweden, but it does not apply to students. The Police Authority and the Public Health Agency have the latest information about the travel ban and what applies to travellers from different countries. 
Read more: Travel to Sweden during the corona pandemic. 

A negative Covid-19 test, not older than 48 hours, is required for all travellers from outside the Nordic countries before they are permitted to enter Sweden.

It is important that incoming students check any recommendations that are in place and what applies to enter Sweden when planning their trip.
Read more: Recommendations for people entering Sweden from abroad.

Q: Will I be allowed to enter Sweden if distance mode is activated? 

A: Even if LiU decides to go to full distance mode the Swedish Migration Agency will be able to grant a residence permit. 
Read more: Frequently asked questions about studying and researching in Sweden.

Vaccinations and healthcare

Q: Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sweden?
A: Everyone with the right to reside in Sweden will be allowed to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Contact Region Östergötland, who has a call centre with English speaking staff.
Read more: Vaccination against COVID-19

Q: Should I get the first vaccination dose in my home country, and the second dose in Sweden?
A: It is recommended to either get fully vaccinated in your home country or wait to get both the vaccinations in Sweden. This is because the vaccinations may differ from countries to countries. 

Q: Can I get vaccinated on campus?

A: Yes. It is now possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on campus. Temporary vaccination centres will be set up on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping on two Tuesdays in September, 14 and 21, between 3.00-6.00 pm. Personnel from Region Östergötland will be available to vaccinate anyone who drops in.

Q: How can I get health care in Sweden if I get sick with COVID-19?  
A: Fee-paying degree students are covered by the FAS+ insurance. Please read more about the insurance on the website of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. Non-fee-paying degree students must have their own insurance. 

Students from outside of the EU/EEA on exchange studies must have arranged private insurance for exchange studies before departure.  

All students who are from the EU/EEA, make sure you do not forget your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Degree students

Q: Is it possible to start studies later than the planned date?   

A: The roll call for each programme is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, you must inform your faculty coordinator in advance - otherwise, you will lose your place on your programme. See the drop-down list of each programme on liu.se/admitted.


Q: Can I defer my admission to the autumn semester of 2022?   

A: The admissions result is valid for the semester for which you have been admitted. You can, however, apply for a deferral if special circumstances apply. Fee-paying students can only be granted a deferral if the first instalment of tuition has been paid to LiU. A change in a student’s financial situation is not considered to be special circumstances. “Special circumstances” for which a deferral may be granted are, for example, medical or other reasons, such as compulsory military service. You must provide documentary evidence of special circumstances, such as a doctor’s certificate.
Read more: Deferment of degree studies.


Q: Can I defer to the spring semester of 2022?    

A: All our international programmes start during the autumn semester. It is therefore not possible to start during the spring semester.  

Q: If it is decided that teaching will be given online and I do not want to study that way, can I request a refund of the tuition fee?   

A: If you wish to withdraw from your studies after paying your tuition fee you must apply for a refund before your programme's roll call. 
Read more: Refund policy.

Q: If it becomes apparent after the start of my programme that I cannot attend, will my fees be refunded?   

A: If your refund application reaches the university after the start of the semester, it will be assessed individually. A refund may be granted, provided that your circumstances are well-documented.  


Q: If the teaching is given online, will the fees be reduced?   

A: Should a temporary move to online teaching become necessary due to the risk of infection, the courses will have equivalent contents and the same learning objectives. Tuition fees will not be reduced.  


Exchange students

Q: Will LiU accept incoming exchange students for the autumn term of 2021? 

A: Yes, all faculties will accept incoming students. Exchanges involving clinical placements and/or laboratory work, however, have unfortunately been suspended by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 


Q: What happens if I cannot come to LiU on time at the start of the spring semester?  

A: If you cannot arrive on time, please contact your LiU faculty coordinator as soon as possible and they will advise you. 


Q: I am not sure if I want to come to Sweden now due to the risks. I need more time to think about it. Can I decide later? 

A: It is always possible to cancel your mobility. If you wish to cancel your planned mobility, please contact your LiU faculty coordinator as soon as possible.  


Q: Will the courses I apply for start as planned in the autumn of 2021, and will studies be classroom-based or distance learning at the start of the spring semester? 

A: Yes, the courses will start as planned and will be classroom-based with some elements held digitally. If this changes, you will be informed by your LiU faculty coordinator.


Q: Can I defer my studies to the spring of 2022?  

A: Deferral of exchange studies to the spring of 2022 is possible but not guaranteed. Students are welcome to contact their respective LiU faculty coordinator and discuss the possibility of deferral. If you find suitable courses and would like to study in the spring of 2022 instead, your home university simply needs to send an updated nomination letter. 


Q: Due to the coronavirus, I will not be/was not able to complete all my courses on time. Can I be accepted to courses at LiU even if I don’t fulfil the entry requirements for the courses I am interested in taking? 

A: The entry requirements for each course are there to ensure that students can follow the course effectively, and to ensure the fairness of the admission process. To be admitted for a course, you must satisfy the entry requirements. While you do not have to have completed all the courses, you must have completed the relevant courses by the time of your arrival, or by the time the course in question starts. If you are missing courses from your home university and do not fulfil the entry requirements for the courses at LiU, you cannot be admitted.  


Q: Who can sign my Learning Agreement if LiU is in distance mode?   

A: Your LiU faculty coordinator. You can contact them by email. 

Q: Are the student corridor rooms safe to stay in? How can you ensure no other student who stays in the same shared corridor accommodation has the coronavirus?   

A: Anyone with any symptoms such as a cold, fever, cough, or body aches should self-isolate. Social distancing is to be observed when you are around other people, regardless of the location. 



Students and incoming students are referred to the Info Center.

You are also welcome to ask questions by sending an email to corona@liu.se.


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