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Distance exams

Guidelines for written examinations when taken as distance exams

(Updated 2020-03-24 11:05) As a consequence of the activation of distance mode, LiU has published guidelines for written examinations that have been converted to examinations in Lisam. These guidelines are valid during the spring term, with a maximum final date of 31 August.

For students

✔️ Register as usual at the student portal or in the LiU app.
Anyone who wants to take an exam but has not registered for it must contact the examiner at least two weekdays before the exam.

✔️ In order to take a digital exam in WISEflow, you must register before the deadline. This is because it takes time to prepare the WISEflow system. It is therefore not possible to register for a digital exam in WISEflow after the deadline.

✔️ If you have the right to extended time for written exams, you must contact the examiner in advance.

✔️ Unless otherwise specified by the examiner, the exam will be made available in the digital course room in Lisam at the start of the ordinary exam time.

✔️ The answers are to be submitted in Lisam. If unforeseen events prevent the answers being submitted in Lisam they must immediately be sent to the examiner by email.

 ✔️ As a consequence of the changed circumstances, all technical aids are permitted, with the exception of working together with any other person and comparing results with any other person. The exam must be carried out individually, and collaboration is not permitted. A check for plagiarism will be carried out.

✔️ If the exam requires answers in the form of mathematical or chemical formulae, drawings or other non-text material, you can photograph or scan the answers and submit them in Lisam.

✔️ An examiner or an on-call teacher will be available by telephone, email or a chat function during the complete exam.

✔️ It is not possible to guarantee that exams will be carried out anonymously.


For co-workers

✔️ Check that all those registered in the list from the web-based examination registration system TAL are also registered in the course room in Lisam. If any of the registered students are missing, add them to the Lisam course room.

✔️ When the registration period has expired, contact tenta@liu.se to obtain information about the number who have registered and students with special needs.




(Updated 2020-03-18 14:55) With effect from Wednesday 18 March, the university is conducting teaching and holding exams in distance mode. This means that no teaching or exams are carried out in the university premises on the campuses.

The decision has been taken after the government statement on Tuesday, and is in line with LiU’s previous decision to activate distance mode.

The reconfiguration of written exams in an examination hall to distance exams will take time, not least because we are in the period known as “Tenta-p”, when many students are taking many exams. Many examiners have already managed to reconfigure to distance exams, and these exams will, of course, be carried out. However, some of the written exams scheduled for the week 16-20 March have been cancelled. In some cases, this was necessary also to give time and capacity for the reconfiguration process, such that teaching and exams can be fully operational in distance mode with effect from Monday 23 March.

Exams will be carried out as distance exams, for example as written exercises to be completed at home, initially during the period 18 March to 30 April. The duration of the period may be extended. It may be necessary to make exceptions for certain components, and in such cases the decision is to be taken by the appropriate dean, following a suggestion from the individual examiner. An example of such an exception is the case in which an exam is coupled to a laboratory, which is difficult to convert into a distance exam. It is the goal of Linköping University that all exams will be held during the exam period.

All courses planned for the spring term are to be converted to distance teaching.

The LiU crisis management group is currently working with the faculties to determine how thesis defences, presentations of licentiate work and other components related to research education can be held. This must, however, be compatible with the framework of the requirements set out by the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), with respect to, for example, that such activities must be held orally and in public.

LiU has a responsibility to carry out exams in a manner that is consistent for all students, so that all students receive equal treatment and are given the same conditions. This means that LiU cannot satisfy the wishes of an individual student with respect to the form of an exam. It is possible for an examiner to change the form of exam, in which case the new form must apply to the complete class or group.

Different institutions of higher education may take different decisions based on circumstances. Further, the spread of infection of the new coronavirus differs between different parts of the country. LiU is basing its decisions on the situation in Östergötland, and is following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. We repeat the recommendation previously given: Stay home if you feel ill!

If you have any questions about your exam, contact your examiner. 
This webpage will be kept up-to-date, and you should visit it to make sure you have the most recent information.

For more general questions: FAQ for students

General information about the situation with respect to the coronavirus: Coronavirus - measures taken by LiU.

General questions relating to the coronavirus and how it affects LiU: corona@liu.se.



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