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LiU introduces tougher restrictions to reduce the risk of the spread of infection

Against the background of a decision by the Public Health Agency of Sweden relating to more stringent general advice for Östergötland, Linköping University has taken several measures to reduce the number of physical meetings on campus.

LiU is to follow the more stringent general advice that came into force immediately, and the university will keep this in place until 22 November (with the possibility that it will be extended). In addition, students are to study from home and co-workers work from home, after consultation with their immediate manager.

In addition, access to university premises will be restricted, and teaching will be carried out using remote methods to a greater extent.
“We are taking several measures. Our libraries will remain open to a certain extent and with restricted hours, as will the Info Centres. Activities on campus will otherwise be restricted. We appeal to our students not to visit the campuses for any other reason than scheduled teaching”, says Joakim Nejdeby, leader of the crisis management group.

One question that several students have already posed is whether planned exams will be carried out. LiU has replied that the safety measures and restrictions that are already in place relating to exams on campus are considered to be sufficient to satisfy the requirements imposed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. These measures include, for example, phased access to premises and restrictions on the number of people in one location. This decision has been taken in consultation with the Infectious Diseases Unit of Region Östergötland.

“Otherwise, we appeal to all students and co-workers to continue to follow the restrictions specified by official bodies. The most important of these may be to avoid physical contact with people from outside one’s household, and to refrain from participating in social gatherings such as parties”, says Joakim Nejdeby.

In accordance with the new recommendations, all unnecessary physical meetings and service-related travel are cancelled until further notice.


Translated by George Farrants


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Last updated: 2020-11-03