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An impressive transition endeavour by all involved

We find ourselves in very special circumstances as the novel coronavirus sweeps through society. We have all been affected, and we have all been compelled to reconfigure our work in the past few weeks. Huge and impressive endeavours have been made in a very short time! Not the least of these has been the comprehensive transition of our teaching activities to distance mode, and the digitalisation of exam operations. Another has been the work to support the region when it has requested resources and help in the transfer of its research to distance mode.

Bild: Rektor Helen DannetunIt is highly likely that the current situation will continue for the rest of the term, and probably longer. Our meetings will continue to take place digitally as much as possible, and the reconfiguration to distance teaching and digital exams may need to continue after the summer vacation. We continue to follow the recommendations of government agencies, and adapt our activities accordingly. We must, however, at the same time plan for a return to normal operations.

Against the background of the need for transition, I would like to emphasise how important it is that our development takes place with a reasonable level of ambition. The complete reform of work to use new methods while working remotely is a challenge, and requires the ability to think creatively and innovatively for all professional groups.

This is a learning process: everything will not fall perfectly into place immediately. The technical solutions put into place so rapidly for distance teaching have been characterised by “good enough”, while the high quality of the course contents has, naturally, been maintained. In brief, we are living in uncertain times. There are many questions that we still cannot answer, decisions that must be taken, and many different initiatives that must be prepared and performed. The continued spread of the novel coronavirus and the ability of our society to cope with its consequences will have a profound effect on us, and no one can predict how this will end. We can even so hope that something positive will come from this, and we will emerge from the crisis with new knowledge and experience. Given all the changes that we have already managed, however, I am convinced that we will be able to work through the remainder of this term, and – indeed – the time required to return to more normal operation.

A warm and heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has done an amazing job in the recent period to solve the crisis we are experiencing. I wish you all a calm and delightful Easter break!

Look after yourselves, wash your hands often, and keep your distance.

Helen Dannetun



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Last updated: 2020-04-08