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Cleaning intensified in response to coronavirus threat

As a preventive measure against coronavirus, Cleaning Services at LiU is intensifying activity when cleaning toilets and other surfaces that may harbour high concentrations of viruses.

Bild: Handfat som städas. Foto: Magnus JohanssonWith immediate effect, all toilets at Linköping University will be cleaned twice a day. Toilets in buildings that are used by many people are already cleaned twice a day. This is now being extended to all toilets.

In addition, contact surfaces such as doors, lift-control buttons, staircase handrails and light switches will be cleaned more often and more thoroughly. This is also the case for sinks in student kitchens and personnel rooms, which are known to be frequent sources of virus infection.

The cleaning services personnel at LiU always use gloves when cleaning toilets. The personnel themselves will now decide whether gloves are also required when cleaning other surfaces.

The more intense cleaning routines are based on the assumption that everyone follows the recommendations about washing hands thoroughly with soap and water. The cleaning services personnel have observed that the consumption of paper towels has increased in the recent period, which suggests that people are washing their hands more often.

These measures are preventive, and part of initiatives to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. They will remain in place as long as necessary or until other directives are received.


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2020-03-11

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