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Distance work - co-worker checklist

Your employer is responsible for your work environment, even when you are distance working. You should discuss with your immediate manager the arrangement of your work environment at home, and how well it functions. We are experiencing an extraordinary situation, and we must all do our bit to make it work.

Didacticum - IT undervisar

General recommendations

  • Follow any updates from LiU on the webpage on the coronavirus and FAQ.
  • Consider your work situation and the tasks awaiting you in the near future. Is it possible for you to work from home? What workplace facilities do you have at home? What work-related equipment do you have access to?
  • If you are still working at your normal workplace, make it a habit to take your computer home with you at the end of the working day.
  • Consider what material you take home with you. We deal with official documents. Some work tasks are not appropriate for work at home.
  • If your situation is such that you cannot work from home, you may continue to work at your normal workplace. Consult your immediate manager. 
  • Remember to take breaks and exercise regularly! When working from home, we have a tendency to remain sitting for longer periods, which can cause muscle stiffness. It’s a good idea to install the Paus-it program, which can be done through MinIT.
  • Make sure that you keep in touch with colleagues and students. Read email regularly, make yourself available in Teams and Zoom, answer the phone, etc. Make sure that you meet people and fika using remote systems.
  • Keep in contact with your manager. Where necessary, book meetings to discuss your work situation, your duties, and your working hours, etc. We can regard this as an opportunity to test new ways of working, and to use functions that we would not otherwise have used.
  • Think through how you plan your work. There’s a risk that the boundary between work and leisure becomes fuzzy. Set clear limits between work and leisure, based on your needs.
  • It is necessary to use the VPN client to access the common file storage (“fillager”), but many other functions do not need a VPN connection.
  • You should save documents on OneDrive, which does not require a VPN. Instruction for using OneDrive are available here.
  • You need to be connected with VPN regularly to keep licences for Windows and Office 2016 active, and to get some updates.



All employees are covered by a contract that gives compensation in the event of personal injury. This contract functions as insurance, and gives compensation in the event of occupational injury. It is valid also for distance work – on the condition that you and your manager have agreed that the work is to be carried out at home.

It is your responsibility to take out home insurance that will give compensation in the event of, for example, fire or burglary.

Advice when distance working

Are you to lead or participate in an online meeting, and feel insecure about using the technology? Create a test meeting, invite a colleague to join, and get online before the real meeting, in order to explore the functions. Find out where and how to adjust sound and camera settings, should this become necessary. Sound is important when holding meetings remotely: test with a colleague whether the quality of sound from your unit is OK, and find out how to mute your microphone. In brief: test, test, test. More information:


Think through how your teaching and material could, if necessary, work in such an online teaching situation. Didacticum has published practical information about how to manage various types of education using digital technology and the IT Division have several guides and information available on digital resources:

The recommendation is to begin with digitization of the content matter (for example recording PowerPoint presentation) and using our LMS Lisam for distribution. The second alternative is to use live video tools for online activities such as Zoom or Teams.


Read more on LiU's guidelines and the FAQ.

Tools for distance work and meetings

How you succeed with your distance meetings

Click ūüĎá to find out more.


Too much sitting still when working at home?

Here’s an idea to improve your health: install the Pausit program on your computer for exercise breaks. Pausit reminds you to take regular short breaks and get moving. You can choose the exercises you want to carry out, and set up a schedule for them.

MORE ABOUT how liu succeed with DISTANCE WORK

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