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Employee evaluation and career counselling

Employee evaluation and career counselling is an important tool in the systematic work environment initiative to identify workplace opportunities and problems, and can be seen as part of the annual planning of activities. Dialogue takes place between an employee and a manager in order to:

  • follow up results and work performance
  • clarify goals and expectations
  • gain an overview of the work environment, work situation, division of responsibility and cooperation
  • discuss development and training needs
  • provide career counselling
  • provide feedback on each other's ways of functioning at work.
  • to adapt leadership to the situation

The documents in the menue to the right can be used as a support for implementation and are to be adapted to the circumstances at the workplace.

Because the dialogue is a mutual responsibility between manager and employee, the employee shall also prepare for the dialogue.

Employee evaluation and career counselling is a way to explore the physical and psychosocial conditions at the workplace. If it becomes apparent that there are unsatisfactory conditions that need to be addressed, these shall be incorporated in an action plan for the systematic work environment initiative. The action plan must be communicated to LSG, which is the Department/unit's safety committee.

If you would like to know more, please contact the Human Resources Division.

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Last updated: 2018-10-04