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Promotion from LiU research fellow to senior lecturer

Objectives for LiU research fellow.

1. Research

  1. To produce high-quality research, of a nationally and internationally competitive standard. This includes submissions to publications of high impact (based on quotations) or equivalent important publications in researcher’s own research area
  2. To be principal recipient of research grants gained in national/international competition from sources that assess applications using strict quality standards
  3. To establish one’s own research group and participate in supervision of doctoral students
  4. To develop independence and one’s own research line
  5. To be part of an international research network

2. Teaching

  1. Has demonstrated teaching proficiency through a variety of activities in education on several educational levels in planning and practical application including teaching and examination, evaluation and development
  2. To participate in courses in teaching and learning in higher education leading to certificate at level required for promotion to senior lecturer

3. Miscellaneous

  1. To participate in docent training and to achieve competencies required for admission as a docent at LiU
  2. To participate in formal programmes for LiU research fellows
  3. To be active in collaborating with society

Progression meeting after two years and after about 3.5 years where evaluations are made in relation to these objectives. The vice-chancellor and/or the deputy vice-chancellor, dean and/or head of the department. The latter are responsible for the  assessment’s relevance to the research area in question. If the objectives are met the candidate will be recommended to apply for promotion to the relevant appointments board. If the appointments board’s assessment is positive, the applicant will be offered a permanent position as senior lecturer as well as initial research funding. 

Submit your application, including your CV, publications list, statement from head of department, a maximum of 10 articles and the other documents you refer to, in word or pdf formats, to registrator@liu.se. Scientific publications which you do not have in digital form should be posted to Linköping University, Registrar, 581 83 Linköping, Sweden.

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Last updated: 2018-07-10