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Promotion from assistant lecturer to senior lecturer

Guide for your application for promotion from assistant lecturer to senior lecturer.

A prerequisite for a promotion to an appointment as senior lecturer is the need for an appointment as senior lecturer in the subject area in question. A statement from the Head of department confirming the need shall be included in the application.

The subject area for the appointment as senior lecturer shall normally be the same as for the appointment as assistant lecturer. 

An assistant lecturer with employment for an indefinite period at the university may, following application, be subject to a proficiency test and be promoted to senior lecturer if this person:

  • Has been awarded a doctoral degree or has the equivalent academic expertise or other professional skills or has demonstrated artistic proficiency
  • Has undertaken teaching activities with a scope of at least 1,700 hours in in first, second and/or third-cycle studies
  • Has demonstrated teaching proficiency through a variety of activities in education, including planning, practical application (teaching and examination) and evaluation, and has contributed to the development of teaching activities
  • Has documented an ability for collaboration within education and/or research through work intended to develop contact with the surrounding society
  • Has undergone the course in teaching and learning in higher education equivalent to at least 12 credits or is deemed to have acquired corresponding knowledge in some other way

The above qualifications should be documented in the CV template.

Submit your application, including your CV, publications list, statement from Head of department, a maximum of 10 publications and the other documents you refer to, in word or pdf formats, to registrator@liu.se. Scientific publications which you do not have in digital form should be posted to Linköpings universitet, Registrar, 581 83 Linköping, Sweden.

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Last updated: 2018-07-10