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Appointments Boards

The Appointments Boards are committees under the Faculty Board (or equivalent) which deal with recruitments to teaching positions at the faculty. The Appointments Boards also deal with promotions of teaching positions. Cases belonging to the Faculty of Educational Sciences are handled by the Appointments Board at either the Faculty of Arts and Sciences or the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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LiU:s Central Appointments Board (CAN)

LiU:s Central Appointments Board (CAN) deals with recruitments such as “LiU Research Fellow” and “LiU-postdoc”. The board is made of the four deans and a student representative (doctoral student). The chairman is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. Deputies for the deans are appointed from the pro-deans at the respective faculty. A deputy shall be appointed for the student representative. The Vice-Chancellor appoints the secretary of the CAN, who for the time being is Anette Ärlebäck, FFK.

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