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Illustration of a locked computer, with padlock.

Automatic screen lock to be introduced

When a screen lock is in force, you must specify your password or code to log in again when the unit has been standing idle. Using a screen lock is an effective way to maintain high digital security at the university.

Finger pointing at padlock. Photo: Istockphoto

Seminar on Open Access

What is Plan S and how does it affect LiU? Johanna Nählinder, research support coordinator at the University Library, will provide information about the ongoing work in open access publishing, in a seminar on 14 February.

Part of the VFN flyer

Convert results into benefit

Universities have a responsibility to disseminate the research results that they produce, but resources for this are sometimes limited. LiU is opening a new call for applications in the VFN programme, which offers financing for the dissemination of research.

Brexit symbol

Brexit effects

Welcome to an open seminar on Brexit effects on the labour market and free movement on 13 February. Register now!

Construction workers at Herrgårn

Refurbishment of Herrgårn reaches half-way

The construction workers who started the refurbishment of Ryds Herrgård in the middle of October have uncovered several surprises. Fifty years of student life have left their mark on the building.

Participants at the workshop

Workshop focussed on AI education

What requirements do companies and organisations have for expertise development within AI? How should such education be designed? Commissioned Education at LiU has held a one-day workshop on artificial intelligence.

Johan Cederlund with the Look for my-page

Lost and Found

Have you lost something? Are you wondering whether it has been handed in to a LiU Lost and Found office? Now you can check online whether it is there.

Parking ticket for Täppan

Avoid parking fines

The parking tickets that can be used for service-related car journeys to Norrköping are only valid in the car park at Täppan, not in the Spetsen parking garage. If you park in the latter, you must buy a ticket from the machine.

Illustration of secure computer

159 LiU accounts suspended temporarily

The incident response team (IRT) at LiU has become aware that the passwords for 159 LiU accounts are included in a list of known passwords. The accounts involved will be closed on 24 January.

Margareta Bachrack Lindström

Nominated as deputy vice-chancellor

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun has nominated Margareta Bachrack Lindström, pro-dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, as deputy vice-chancellor after Roger Klinth. The formal decision will be taken by the University Board on 13 February.

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Does it pay to advertise?

Bild: Reklam på Corson

This is the sight that greeted folk on Corson a few weeks ago: a pizza company had blitzed the place with advertising signs in the ground and stuck to the lamp-posts. But is anyone allowed to advertise on campus, however they choose?






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