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Folding rule. Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

Further details on this autumn’s return to campus

New students are prioritised, physical distancing applies, co-workers are to alternate between work on campus and at home, and domestic travel is allowed to a greater extent. These are some of the concrete consequences of LiU’s successive return to campus-based operations this autumn.

Pots with food

Restaurants starting to reopen

After being closed for several months, the restaurants on Campus Valla are gradually starting to reopen. They have adapted their premises and menus to the current situation.

Microsoft Teams logo.

New meeting experience in Teams

It is now possible to have your Teams meeting open in a separate window. However, you need to check "Turn on new meeting experience" in the Teams settings for it to work for you. Other news is that the number of views of participants' video has been increased to 49, break out rooms are underway and Together mode has been added.

Entrance Campus US

Extended opening hours

With effect from Monday 10 August, university premises will again be open for students and co-workers until 11.00 pm. Entrances will, however, remain locked to external visitors.

Kårallen at Campus Valla.

Return to campus as planned – but can proceed more slowly

The new term starts soon, and normally the campus would be packed with students. This year will be different. But for the first-year students, the university management will proceed as per previous decisions.

Illustration av hand som håller i mobiltelefon.

Alternate email and mobile number

By filling in an SMS number and an alternate email address, you can be contactable even if your regular work phone and/or work email address is not reachable. You may want to use a private mobile number and private e-mail address. The link will take you directly to MinIT where you can log in and add it.

LiU coworkers in line outside the Servicepunkten.

Many fall victim to well-crafted phishing attack

Linköping University was hit by a phishing attack on Wednesday 24 June that led to the suspension of several LiU co-workers’ accounts, and a few student accounts.

Illustration of two-step verification.

Take action to avoid your account being hacked

In recent years, the unauthorised use of hacked LiU accounts has become an increasing problem, sometimes with serious consequences for the university. Most of these incidents, possibly all of them, would have been prevented if two-step verification had been active for LiU accounts.

Illustration of email notification.

Accounts temporarily suspended after phishing

(Updated Friday 26 June, 16:00) Accounts that have fallen for the phishing have been temporarily suspended. Information is now available on how to reactivate your account.

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun at the farewell party. Photo: Magnus Johansson

The Vice-Chancellor’s last day at work

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun’s last day at work will be 30 June. Earlier in the month, a presentation and farewell party was held, partially using remote methods, in the University Park, with songs, speeches and greetings. A film with some highlights from the event has now been published.

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